Active Brothers

Name Major, Faculty Hometown Grad Year
Sacha Gilles  Political Science Wilton, CT 2018
Nehir Akdag Software Engineering Istanbul, Turkey 2018
Mitch Baker Economics San Diego, CA 2018
Rory Greening History Chicago, IL 2018
Gaetano Di Pietro Anatomy and Cell Biology Ajax, ON 2018

Tynan Davis

Software Engineering Singapore 2018

Marcos Cardenas Zelaya

Economics  Toronto 2018
Nick Pfeiffer   Environmental Sciences Montreal, QC 2019

Caleb Broughton-Delong

Chemical Engineering Chicago, IL 2019
Alexander Gobran Economics Toronto, ON 2019
Christopher Musulin Economics Vienna, Austria 2019
Denis Valyuk  Microbiology and Immunology Brooklyn, NY 2019
Colin Seltzer Finance Vancouver, BC 2019
Colin Walsh Economics and Mathematics Brooklyn, NY 2019
Isaac Patroulis Lessig Political Science Syracuse, NY 2019
Alex Wang Marketing Toronto, ON 2019
Elie Climan Economics Montreal, QC 2019
Alec Thomlison Mining Engineering  Toronto, ON 2019
Alper Avi Benardete Anatomy & Cell Biology Istanbul, Turkey 2019
Berkehan Yanilmaz Computer Science Istanbul, Turkey 2019

Livio Caputo

Bioresource Engineering Rome, Italy 2020
Tyler Pickford Strategic Management Victoria, BC 2020
Pandu Baskoro History Jakarta, Indonesia  2020
Aidan Weber-Concannon Arts Vernon, BC 2020
Jack Delcourt Economics Orlando, FL 2020

Andrew Xu

Pharmacology Vancouver, BC 2020

Travi Boyden

Kinesiology  Calgary, AB 2020