The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

The International Sweetheart of Sigma Chi has held a distinguished role in our organization since Barbara Tanner was first crowned in 1948 by Significant Sig John Wayne, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1929. Since then, an International Sweetheart has been chosen once every two years at Grand Chapter. Each young woman has represented the ideals of the White Cross and lived Sigma Chi's core values of Friendship, Justice and Learning while making her own personal contributions to the Fraternity. Long after her official term is over, the International Sweetheart maintains a special place in the Fraternity. 


The chapter sweetheart has the opportunity to make a great impact on the chapter that she serves. Our 2017-2018 Sweetheart is Melissa Quinn, someone who truly embodies the values of our fraternity. 

Melissa Quinn


Double Major in History and Political Science


Favorite Movies:

My favourite movie genres are cheesy Rom-Com or horror.


Favorite Sports:



Favorite Music/Band:

To survive road trips with my family it was necessary to develop a diverse taste in music so I listen to a bit of everything. However, if I’m in charge of the aux cord prepare to hear some of my all-time favourites like Hozier, Bruce Springsteen, Eagles, Van Morrison, and Janis Joplin. 


Favorite Sigma Chi Memory: 

One of my favourite Sigma Chi memories was when I found out I was elected as Sweetheart! I was studying abroad in Ireland but the brothers were kind enough to Skype me in for the announcement. Unfortunately, at that time it was 4:00 am in Dublin. As I sat in my pajamas, in the stairwell of my apartment building in an effort to not wake up my roommates, I realized how unbelievably excited I was to see everyone again (for someone who loves a good night’s sleep, it takes a lot to make me happy to be up at that time). At that point I knew, whether I was elected or not, these men were special to me, they were people I was delighted to call friends, they were people I would be close to for a long time. 


Future Plans:

I hope to finish my undergraduate degree and attend law school.