The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

The International Sweetheart of Sigma Chi has held a distinguished role in our organization since Barbara Tanner was first crowned in 1948 by Significant Sig John Wayne, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1929. Since then, an International Sweetheart has been chosen once every two years at Grand Chapter. Each young woman has represented the ideals of the White Cross and lived Sigma Chi's core values of Friendship, Justice and Learning while making her own personal contributions to the Fraternity. Long after her official term is over, the International Sweetheart maintains a special place in the Fraternity. 


The chapter sweetheart has the opportunity to make a great impact on the chapter that she serves. Our 2016-2017 Sweetheart is Domenique Stassen, someone who truly embodies the values of our fraternity. 

Domenique Stassen


Major in Anthropology, Minor in Mathematics


Favorite Movies:

 The Lord of the Rings, The Hurt Locker


Favorite Sports:

 Ice Hockey to watch, but Golf and Basketball to play!


Favorite Music/Band:

It’s all relative to the circumstances, but I love Sinatra when I’m studying, or some alternative house for when I’m just hanging out with friends.


Favorite Sigma Chi Memory:

My first ever Derby Days! This was the week when I first got to know the boys, and what better way to get to know someone than to go on an elaborate scavenger hunt for charity? Besides having a fun, meaningful week, I could see how much the boys cared, not just about all the participants and the week itself, but also about the Huntsman foundation and how much they could do for such a great cause. It was the first time I got to see a glimpse of the stand-up men that make up the Gamma Lambda chapter of Sigma Chi, and what I now know was the spirit of the Jordan standard in each and every one of them. Future Plans: I hope to finish my undergraduate degree in Anthropology, and go on to pursue a Masters degree overseas.